Container Garden Update — August 10, 2014

by A.J. Coltrane

Previous post here. August 11, 2013 post here.

The cucumber box fell over on Friday. The Ultomato framework is overwhelmed — parts of it came off during the tumble. I harvested five pounds cucumbers, put the framework back together as much as possible, then propped the box up against a beam that holds up the deck:

140810 cucumber

Behind the cucumbers are the tomatillos. The tomatillos got some extra bracing to try to avoid a repeat performance.

The Sun Gold tomato vines decided to flop on the same day. It may be about time to trim the ends of the vines:

140810 sun gold glacier

The zucchini seems to be winding down. It’s still producing, but the leaves are starting to look haggard:

140810 zucchini

The Taxi (left) and Oregon Spring (right):

140810 taxi oregon spring

The Anaheim peppers:

140810 anaheim

Many of the peppers are now in a mad rush to ripen.  The King of the North:

140810 king of the north

The Hungarian Hot Wax and a Marigold:

140810 hungarian hot wax

For the year we’ve harvested at 44 pounds of vegetables from the EarthBoxes, including 14 pounds of cucumbers and 12 pounds of zucchini. It feels like there are slightly fewer peppers this year. I’ll be interested to see the final totals.

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