Container Garden Update — July 27, 2014

by A.J. Coltrane

Previous post here. July 28, 2013 post here for comparison.

We got tired of looking into the stacks of vegetables for the plant markers. (And tired of remembering which pepper was which.) We came up with this solution:

140724 label

I think overall we’re two or three days behind last year. The biggest cucumbers are now 5-7″ long:

040724 cucumber closeup

We harvested six cucumbers on July 28 last year. They were the same size or slightly larger than the fruit pictured above.

This year’s plant:

140724 cucumber

The basil got a serious haircut after this photo. The haircut produced 1/2 pound of basil:

140724 basil

The Brussels Sprouts are getting going. They’re currently in the least desirable location on the patio. We’ll move them to a better sun location when the warm weather stuff gets done. I don’t think they like super hot intense sun anyway:

140724 brussels sprout

The tomatillos. The “lanterns” are mostly just air at this point. The fruits on the insides are tiny:

140724 tomatillo

The Glacier tomatoes are next to the Sun Golds. The idea is that the Glaciers would run their course, then the Sun Golds could take over the box. Nobody told the Sun Golds, they’re already leaning on everything. The Glaciers are getting close though:

140724 glacier

The Gypsy peppers. We had good success with these last year, so this year we doubled down with two plants:

140724 gypsy pepper

The Thai Hot Chili peppers and their “upside down” growth habit:

140724 thai chili peppers

An overview looking towards the garage door. You can really see how we tried to “terrace” the tomatoes on the left. In the center is basil, peppers, and the tomatillos. On the right are peppers and cucumbers:

140724 overview

Overview from the Brussels Sprouts:

140724 overview 2

Shortly after these pictures the basil got moved next to the Brussels Sprouts and the pepper box in the center was pulled forward into better sun. One advantage of the casters on the boxes is that we can easily move stuff around to try to optimize the growing conditions for everything. In this case the premier positions are around the perimeter of the patio. Next year I think the Brussels Sprouts will get the short straw.

3 thoughts on “Container Garden Update — July 27, 2014

  1. Hey A.J! Looks like the patio is coming along nicely again! How are things your way? Still kicking it over here…I’ll have to come visit soon!!!


  2. Hi Chad,

    We’ll have a lot of veg to bbq soon. You’re always welcome whenever you want to catch up.



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