Container Garden Update — July 11, 2014

by A.J. Coltrane

Previous post here. July 14, 2013 here for comparison.

The photos below were taken at sunset —

All of the tomatoes are doing well. The Tigerellas are slightly unusual. Note the stripes:

140711 tigerella

The cucumbers are in a less sunny spot than last year. Unless they triple in size in the next three days it’s safe to say they’re slightly behind a year ago, though with the hot weather anything is possible. The clothespin is for size reference:

140711 cucumber

The basil is bushier this year. It’s impeding the walkway somewhat — it smells terrific when people try to squeeze by:

140711 basil

King of the North peppers. The box needed to be spun around 180 degrees so that the shorter plants could get more sun. The casters on the boxes are coming in handy:

140711 king of the north

The cabbage moths finally figured out how to get into the tulle covering the brussels sprouts. No sense keeping the tulle over the plants. Now they have more room to stretch out. Multiple wasps materialized to attack the new food supply:

140711 overview

Facing the garage door. Tomatoes and zucchini on the left, tomatillos on the right:

140711 facing door

The zucchini. It’s now trailing down the back side of the trellis:

140711 zuchinni

So far the “trellised zucchini thing” is going mostly to plan. A look at the fruit:

140711 zuchinni closeup

Finally, one of the half-barrels in the front yard. It’s a wrestling match of radicchio, a couple varieties of romaine, and arugula.

140711 barrel

Packing the plants tightly in the container seems to help prevent bolting, though the arugula is preparing to bolt anyway. I think it’s better suited for spring and fall rather than summer. We already knew that, but we didn’t realize it was *that* eager to bolt in the summer. Live and learn.


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