Container Garden Mini Update — July 7, 2014

by A.J. Coltrane

Previous post here. July 7, 2013 update here. (The 2013 post is highlighted by the “zucchini breakage disaster”. And the fact that the post permalink says it’s the year “2103”. Oops. I started to make the same typo this time and caught myself.)

The zucchini have cleared the top of the trellis! I’m now trying to train them over the top and down the other side. We’ll see how that goes.

140607 trellis and ladder

We sliced up and marinated the first zucchini in olive oil, basil, and lemon juice, then barbecued it. Somehow, it looked bigger on the vine. (251 grams = about 1/2 lb.)

140607 zucchini and basil

I guess they can get to 3-4′ long. That’s a picture for later in the summer.

The basil:

140607 basil

42 grams of basil made about 1/2 cup pesto. The pesto was used in Pagliacci’s style pesto pasta salad. (Peas, pesto, mayo. A very nice summer dish.)


I don’t know that I’d ever spelled “barbecue” before today. I assumed it had a “q” in it. Nope.

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