Container Garden Update — June 28, 2014

by A.J. Coltrane

Previous post here. June 23 of last year here.

The windy, rainy weather isn’t slowing down the zucchini. It’s nearly to the top of the 8′ trellis:

140628 zucchini

A zucchini blossom, photographed yesterday:

140627 zucchini close up

And today. I think that the fruit grew overnight. It’s now about 7″ long. I’ll need to figure out when it’s supposed to be harvested:

140628 zucchini close up

The tomatillos. “Mexican Strain” on the left. “De Mipa” on the right. Very different growing habits, the “Mexican Strain” is way beefier and is much more upright. I think they’re ahead of where they were last year:

140628 tomatillo

The cucumbers are well ahead of last year as well:

140628 cucumber

The Oregon Spring tomatoes are moving right along. I’ll dose all the tomatoes tomorrow with Calcium Nitrate to discourage blossom end rot. (It just started raining again as I type this.):

140628 oregon spring

An overview. Tomatoes on the left with the zucchini near the house. In the foreground is the basil, peppers, and brussels sprouts under the tulle. In front of the door are the tomatillos. To the right of the tomatillos are the cucumbers:

140628 overview

And as promised, a girl cat picture. Here she is watching a show about bicycling. Bicycles were zipping by the camera, which was infinitely interesting to her. I think this guy owns a shop or something:

140628 girl cat

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