Container Garden Update — June 21, 2014

by A.J. Coltrane

Previous 2014 post here. June 23, 2013 post here for comparison.

Cucumbers in the foreground. Tomatillos in the middle. Zucchini in the big trellis:

140621 overview

A closeup of the zucchini. It’s a little less than 6 feet tall:

140621 zucchini

Even closer. The tromboncino get a bulbish end:

140621 zucchini fruit

The tomatoes. The determinate varieties in the front two boxes are approaching maximum size, I think:

140621 tomatoes

The first tomato is pictured below. It’s “Oregon Spring”, a new variety to us. It’s in the 2nd box back on the right. The Territorial Seed Co. description –

“75-80 days. This now-famous determinate, slicing variety was developed at Oregon State University. Their research shows that Oregon Spring will produce incredibly early yields of 4 inch oval tomatoes when planted outside a month before your last frost date and given no protection except on frosty nights. Parthenocarpic.”

140621 tomato oregon spring

Parthenocarpic means that it can set fruit without pollination. At least in this case, theory is matching what we’re seeing in real life.

The King of the North peppers are rolling along. We did a full box of these because they performed the best last year:

140621 peppers king of the north

And the Hungarian Hot Wax pepper:

140621 peppers hungarian hot wax

The basil is vaguely ahead of where it was last year. The plant on the back left was a loser so we pulled it, the rest are doing ok. Ideally they’d get another few hours of sun per day, but there’s not anything we can do about that. Next year I may try to do something to give them a warmer microclimate, such as a plastic-covered hoop house in June.

140621 basil

And a bonus boy cat pic. I think we’re overdue for a girl cat pic. That’ll need to be next update:

140621 boy cat

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