The Winter Gardening Catalog Has Arrived

by A.J. Coltrane

The Territorial Seed Co. 2014 Fall & Winter Gardening Catalog arrived in the mail today.

Gah! All of the summer vegetables are just now kicking into gear! It feels like we just got a Christmas catalog or something..

Really though, it makes sense. There are longer season vegetables that will be ready for a Fall/Winter harvest if planted today, or real soon. The catalog includes this nifty Winter Gardening Chart. It includes days to maturity and freeze out temperatures, as well as optimum storage temps and humidities. The chart is exactly a kind of thing I’d been looking for when I started gardening. Handy Charts That I Don’t Have To Compile Myself make me feel organized!

REAL SOON! (The reference starts at the :50 mark.)

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