Beer of the Week: Bad Jimmy’s India Red

By Iron Chef Leftovers

1398797369618I couple of weeks back, I posted my notes on Bad Jimmy’s Habanero Amber, which I called, “…one of the least enjoyable beers I have had in a long time.” It really was not drinkable, although I know people who love it. In the interest of fairness, I feel like I should now post my notes on the best beer that I had at Bad Jimmy’s, the India Red. The beer clocked in at 67 IBU and 6.9% ABV, both at the upper range for a Red Ale.

The beer pours ruby red in color with notes of roasted malt and caramel on the nose and hints of grain in the background. The beer starts out on the palate with a lightly sweet caramel hit before bringing a tinge of bitterness which fades quickly before finishing with a very pilsner like character and crispness which lingers for quite a while. The beer seems slightly off balance with a big hit of hops that fade quickly and a touch of alcohol burn, but it was enjoyable enough to drink that I might have ordered a full pint.

Bad Jimmy’s India Red hops the train and scores 3 Darjeeling Expresses out of 5.

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