Too Much Tulle And Too Much Time To Think

by A.J. Coltrane

In an effort to keep cabbage moths off of the Brussels Sprouts:

140525 tulle

Tulle, Ultomato Cages, an EarthBox, shortened hoop house pvc, and clothespins. It’s a Frankenstein mash-up.

Even with all of that, something is still getting at the ends of the leaves that are touching the tulle — or the tulle is abrading the leaves when the wind blows. Dunno yet, but it bears watching.

2 thoughts on “Too Much Tulle And Too Much Time To Think

  1. If it’s specifically where the edges touch the tulle, I’d say it’s abrasion (or heat transference). For an unpleasant analogy, think of why marathoner’s often put band-aids over their nipples. Even something that feels soft to our fingers can be mighty abrasive over long, repeated contact.


  2. If that’s the worst of it — what amounts to a little cosmetic damage — then I’m fine with it. I had thought about putting a bigger cage around the whole thing and tulle around that, then decided that reusing the pvc was good enough. Hopefully the top won’t rip through.


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