Beer of the Week: Populuxe IPA

By Iron Chef Leftovers

imagesCAAR87MMThe great thing about the Populuxe IPA is that they brew it so often that you are usually drinking it really fresh and at its peak. The bad part about the Populuxe IPA is that they brew it in such small batches and it is very popular that the rarely have it on tap for long stretches of time. The guys at Populuxe are also constantly tweaking the recipe slightly between each batch, trying to get the perfect recipe dialed in, so I figured it was time to review this one again considering it was a new batch that was put on tap.

The beer pours hazy orange in color with a huge amount of citrus and citrus peel on the nose with just a hint of floral orange blossom. The beer starts out with a light sweetness before moving into a great amount of orange and tangerine before mingling in nice fresh orange peel with just a touch of bitterness, pleasantly cutting through the light sweetness on the beer. The finish is extremely long and pleasant with the citrus and hops that just don’t dissipate and a tinge of burnt orange at the end of the tongue. This is the most citrus-forward version of the IPA that I have tasted from Populuxe and the bitterness becomes more pronounced as the beer warms, adding a great deal of balance to the citrus notes. If you like a citrus-forward IPA with great balance and moderate bitterness (which I do love), you should be drinking this beer.

Populuxe IPA scores well on the retest with 5 redux out of 5.

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