Lemongrass Doesn’t Work Well In An EarthBox

A.J. Coltrane

Yesterday was “Ready The EarthBoxes For Planting Day”. The EarthBox holding the lemongrass needed to be dumped upside down into a wheelbarrow because the roots had grown down through the base aeration screen and into the reservoir. The plant had to be cut off of the screen to get it out of the box:

Upside down in the wheelbarrow.
Upside down in the wheelbarrow.

If you look closely, the roots have perfectly formed to the molded shapes on the bottom of the container. The circle (bottom right) is the fill tube, which was almost completely blocked. That explains why it *seemed* to be blocked in late summer:

140104 lemongrass closeup

Lemongrass isn’t supposed to winter over, but I think that it might have lived, at least so far. It’s been transplanted into a planter box along the back fence.

The lesson:  Super invasive root systems won’t work well in the EarthBox, or more accurately —  the lemongrass went gangbusters, but the box isn’t designed for *that*.

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