The Latest

by A.J. Coltrane

Here’s the latest. It’s a 48″ x 48″ x 56″ plant house. I had been shopping for either a tall cold frame or a small greenhouse. This one is right in between those two things. It cost ~$60 which is about as much as I wanted to spend on an experiment. The Amazon reviews are pretty ok, though it really is strung up tight. Note the support poles that are bending from the strain. Maybe the plastic will loosen over time.

102213 cold frame exterior

It snugly holds three EarthBoxes. In theory a 4th could be squeezed in along the back if the the other three boxes were pulled all the way to the front of the house. There’s no bottom to the unit, so it just drops right over the boxes.

(L-R) Pak Choy, very small romaine, and spinach.
(L-R) Pak Choy, very small romaine, and spinach.

Hopefully we’ll get some fresh greens over the next couple of months. At the very least it should allow for some earlier planting in the spring.

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2 thoughts on “The Latest

  1. There’s about an inch between the plant house and the real house. That’s the unheated garage that it’s against, so I don’t think it will benefit much from “real” house heat.

    I picked that location because it should still get decent light over the winter months, and the proximity to the house may help protect it a little when it gets windy. Ideally I’d put it against a heated part of the house, but the decent light/heated house combo doesn’t exist.

    If I got really enthused I could string some lights in there, or put a heater in it.. but for lettuce? I’d be better served buying lettuce at that point.


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