EarthBox Update — October 7, 2013

by A.J. Coltrane

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I harvested all of the remaining peppers after work tonight. It came to eighteen pounds — fourteen pounds of sweet peppers and four pounds of hot peppers. The six sweet pepper plants had a box to themselves this year. The three hot peppers were less than half as productive — they wound up sharing a box with the lemongrass and shiso, each of which got monstrous. To make it even tougher, they were planted on the shadier end of that box. The hot peppers and bell pepper would have done a ton better in their own box, or with short, less “sun demanding” stuff. (The bell pepper was shaded by the lemon cucumber, we got one bell pepper out of that plant.) Live and learn. I’ve been saying that a lot this year.

Did you know earwigs will eat holes into Jalapenos? Who knew? Jalapenos of all things…


Today’s pepper harvest. The hot peppers are in the sheet tray. The six sweet peppers are arranged as they were in the box, with the best sun hitting the right side, then the bottom row in the late afternoons:

Left column, bottom to top – Gypsy, Tequila, Banana (yellow, was trapped under the shiso), Anaheim.

Center column – Gourmet, Lipstick (an apt name), Jalapeno

Right column – Cute Stuff, King of the North

100713 peppers

The King of the North before harvest:

100613 peppers

There are not many happy looking plants left. The brussels sprouts are still happy. The lemongrass is still going ballistic. Other than that, though, it’s just Bunch Onions:

100613 onion

And there are a few tomatillos. It’s a little late for the blossom:

100613 tomatillo

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