Beer of the Week: NW Peak Double Redoubt Red

By Iron Chef Leftovers

untitle8dNW Peaks recently upped their number of taps from 4 to 7, which means more tasty beers to try. One of the new beers on tap is Double Redoubt Red, which is effectively the regular Redoubt Red with the recipe doubled.  The Double clocks in at 7% ABV.

The beer pours dark red in color with lots of hops on the nose and a nice grain background.  The beer starts out very malt forward and slightly sweet before moving into its hop character in the middle – somewhat hoppy but tempered by the malt and grain, making it just a touch smoky. The beer then finishes with a small amount of hop resin and a malty sweetness with an ever so subtle alcohol burn at the very end. Well balanced and slightly fruity as it warms, it is easily a beer that you could knock back several in one sitting.

My only complaint about Double Redoubt was the alcohol burn at the end; otherwise this beer is delicious and solidly put together, perfect for a fall day in the Northwest.

NW Peaks Double Redoubt Red removes all doubts with a self-assured 4 affirmations out of 5.

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