EarthBox Update — August 25, 2013

by A.J. Coltrane

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Both zucchini plants dropped below the Vickie Mendoza Diagonal this week.  The fruits have been molding on the vine, or in the case in the patty pans, falling off before they’re fully grown. I’d give the zucchini a “season grade” of “C” or “C-“, more on that in another post.

I cut out about 15% of the basil today as well — I figure it’s got a maximum of about three weeks before it’s done for the year. For the remaining tomatoes and peppers it’s now a race to ripen before the first frost.

Today was a good day for tomatoes. Pictured below is about six pounds, bringing the total for the week to ten pounds of them:

082513 tomato

The Sun Golds “before”:

082513 sun gold before

And “after”. I thinned out the leaves, especially in the interior, at least partly so I could see the fruits:

082513 sun gold after

And from the 2nd story window. I really tried to prune the Sun Golds away from the Romas and Brandywines. That’s fine, the Sun Golds are growing over everything else:

082513 sun gold above

The basil is looking leggy:

082513 basil

On the left is some of the older basil that I pruned to thin it out. Younger basil is on the right:

082513 basil harvest

The brussels sprouts are nearing ready. It’s been forever. There’s an out-of-focus spider in the foreground. I now *like* spiders in the garden:

082513 brussels sprouts

Glacier tomatoes:

082513 glacier

Sweet peppers. The one on the right has been on the plant all summer and is now finally ripe:

082513 sweet peppers

Finally, the Gypsys (or is it “Gypsies”?):

Some of the branches may need more support.
Some of the branches may need more support.

3 thoughts on “EarthBox Update — August 25, 2013

  1. My 5 plants have yeilded about 24 pounds of tomatoes so far (not counting the ones I lost to bottom rot because of my own stupidity). If you want some Seattle Author I can bring you some because there are a ton still on the plants that I haven’t harvested and, frankly, I am getting tired of eating tomatoes at this point. 🙂


  2. We have more tomatoes than we can use as well. Assuming it’s not raining too hard we can bring you some tonight.

    Our biggest single producing box so far is the cucumbers at ~30 lbs. They’re not done yet, but all this rain is starting to make the leaves look moldy in places.

    The lemon cucumbers are basically done.


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