EarthBox Update — August 18, 2013

by A.J. Coltrane

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A very productive week. I’d have to guess at least 15 pounds of stuff. The cucumbers, tomatoes, and basil are all in full swing. The midweek “harvest”:

081313 bounty

The lemon cucumbers are going nuts. In a related note, the leaves are starting to look funky. My suspicion is that all of the plants are using their energy to produce fruit and they’re letting their leaves go south. I’m also going to guess that the leaves are going to look awful by the time the first frost rolls around. Here’s the “harvest” from Saturday — four days later. ((L-R) Lemon cucumber, bunch onion, Glacier, Sun Gold, Stupice):

The interlopers are bunch onions.
We gave away the first Stupice. Such confidence!

Lemon cucumbers. They’re almost tennis-ball sized:

081713  Lemon Cuc

The Siletz. The red one is pictured above:

081713 Siletz

The Glaciers. Tonight’s “caprese”. The really ripe ones are also pictured above:

081713 Glacier

The Sun Golds:

Showing color en mass! And vaguely out of focus again! Il est vibrant! Fetchez la vache!

There’s never a wrong time for a Holy Grail reference. Moving on.


Gypsy peppers (foreground). The orange is a Gourmet. The Gourmet was still partly green last week.
Gypsy peppers (foreground). The orange is a Gourmet. The Gourmet was still partly green last week.

And to finish things up; the girl cat in her native habitat:

081713 girl cat

And the boy cat in his:

081713 boy cat



A Late Edit After The Influence Of The Fermented Grapes Had Subsided, And An Explanation Of The Broken French Under The Sun Gold Picture To Reduce Confusion All Around:

1.  I speak zero French. The first sign that things were going south was the “Showing color en mass!”  It was time for more silly French to finish the caption…

2. “Il est vibrant!”….  The Sun Gold Picture is a little out of focus at the top. I wound up at the English word “vibrant” because it was a play on the word of “vibrating” — the Sun Golds were vibrating, causing the out-of-focus picture. Sort of a double meaning that only I would get because I came up with it, though it would make no sense to anyone else. But I wasn’t done being clever and silly there, no way…

3.  Did you know the French translation of “vibrant” is …. “vibrant”? The entire sentence was reverse translated from “It is vibrant!” in a English to French translator. Which was also kind of a letdown that the sentence was basically the same, and that wasn’t already silly enough…

4.  So I decided to throw in a “French” quote from the masters of silliness, Monty Python. “Fetchez la vache!” is pulled directly from The Holy Grail (fan-transcribed) script here. “Fetch The Cow!” (The quote is shortly before the French catapult a cow and other livestock at our intrepid band of heroes. The assault is met by the inevitable “Run away! Run away!” Well… here’s the video. It’ll make more sense. That’s John Cleese on the ramparts btw.) Is anything about that “French” correct? Probably not, but it satisfied my desire for silly.

And there you go.



4 thoughts on “EarthBox Update — August 18, 2013

  1. Yum! More Sun Golds PLEASE!! haha. I enjoyed the reference 🙂 On a side note, looks like your kitty is eating VERY well.


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