EarthBox Update — May 18, 2013

by A.J. Coltrane

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The tomatillos and tomatoes are planted.

051713 tomatillo and tomato

The varieties — back to front, starting with the leftmost box. Descriptions from the Seattle Tilth plant sale:

Two Mexican Strain tomatillos. 65 day maturity.

Glacier. 56 day determinate. Grows to 2-1/2 feet high by 3-1/2 feet wide. “Great for containers”.

Siletz. 70-75 day determinate.  “One of the most reliable slicing tomatoes you can grow.”

Stupice. 60 day indeterminate. Red, 2″ fruit on 6′ vines.

Sungold. 65 day indeterminate. Apricot-orange 1-1/4″ cherry-tomato fruit on grape like trusses.

Brandywine. 85 day indeterminate. Fruits up 1 pound and 7″ in diameter. (The Brandywines are near the house to try to get some reflected sun off of the house.)

Roma. 75 day determinate.

The tomatoes were selected as a combination of low-risk (Glacier, Sungold) and more speculative (all the longer-timed maturities). I figure we’ll get something, but no idea how much.

Foreground is the cucumbers and zucchini. The brussels sprouts and bok choi are in the back right box.
Foreground is the cucumbers and zucchini. The brussels sprouts and bok choi are in the back center box.

Parsley, dill, and two cilantro. Hiding under the 2nd-story deck.

051713 cilantro, parsley, dill

The tomato cages were purchased as “squares”, and they didn’t fit the earthboxes well. Note the two bars running over the center of the earthboxes — I had to prop them up on blocks to get them that high.

051713 squares

Note the “before” (left), and “after” (right). The blocks could go away now. We’ll see how enthused I get about moving them around again.

before and after

Removing the “center bars” also made enough leftover frame to cage the tomatillo. Win win win. I feel clever. Of course, I’d feel way more clever had I purchased stuff that fit easily in the first place..

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