EarthBox Update — May 12, 2013

by A.J. Coltrane

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Cucumbers and zucchini, May 5.

earthbox midground 050513

May 12.

earthbox midground 051213

May 5 — Left box:  Parsley, scallions, and romaine. (and bolting spinach).  Right box:  Brussels sprouts, bok choi, and lemon cucumbers.

earthbox background 050513

And May 12. The spinach was already bolting (above), but I didn’t realize it. In the photo below it’s gone. It’s time for a bok choi stir-fry.

earthbox background 051213

The romaine pictured below is now two entree salads for tomorrow’s lunch. It all came from the romaine lettuce in the back corner of the photo above.

romaine 051213

Don’t worry, there’s a spreadsheet keeping track of the total harvest.

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