EarthBox Update — May 6, 2013

by A.J. Coltrane

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The spinach responded to the wonderful 80+ degree early-May weather by bolting immediately. Four plants. Zero harvest. The lettuces, cilantro, parsley, and dill are now cowering under the deck, away from the heat of the mid-day sun.

It’s now time to prioritize harvesting whatever hasn’t already mutinied.

The first salad. Only the romaine was home-grown, but it’s still good to have something to show for the work.

salad 050613

After the break, blossoms from around the back yard, most of which came with the house.

1. All photos taken at dusk, which I’m sure is far from ideal. (The commentary is above each photo the rest of the way.)

flower1 050613

2. These things are everywhere in the Seattle area. They’re very “sunny”.

flower2 050613

3. A northwest native that was planted a couple of days ago.

flower3 050613

4. The back corner of the lot. Dominated by dandelions.

flower4 050613

5. I’ve been mowing around this. It’s more purple than it looks in the photo.

flower5 050613

6. With the dramatic sun in the background thing going on.

flower6 050613

7. I like the composition on this one.

flower7 050613

8. The camera had a hard time picking up some of the richer tones at dusk.

flower8 060613

9. A close-up without the dandelion hanging around.

flower9 050613

10. The other (native) Bleeding Heart is past its prime for the season. I don’t *think* this one is native, but it’s still rocking, and therefore much more photogenic.

flower10 050613

11. More of these little ones.

flower11 050613

12. It was really hard to get a decent picture of these. At dusk they all washed out into a white blob. Here’s a super tight shot.

flower12 050613

13. Again, they’re deeper red than this.

flower13 050613

14. Last one. I think the Impressionists painted about a zillion of these. This one is past its prime, but still in better condition than most of the rest of the blossoms on the tree.

flower14 050613

5 thoughts on “EarthBox Update — May 6, 2013

  1. You probably won’t have to worry too much about the heat for the next week – it isn’t supposed to get much above 70.


  2. My friend said #14 is a Camillia and to be careful if you prune it. Her husband pruned theirs and it was never the same (might have been the wrong time of year or something else but FYI).


  3. I may be missing a lot of NBA action, but on the other hand I’ve lost 5 lbs in the last two months. I’d guess it’s at least partly due to this “going outside” thing. (That, and my diet has been more whole grain and veggie heavy lately than it usually is. I’d imagine that’s not “hurting”, either.)


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