EarthBox Progress – April 30, 2013

by A.J. Coltrane

By request. Pics of the EarthBoxes 10 days in. (Original Post Here)

April 20:

earthbox 042013

April 30:

earthbox 043013

The lettuces in particular are really growing. Far left is the loose leaf lettuce. 2nd to the left (same box) is the romaine. I think the big romaine leaves will be ready for harvesting by as early as this weekend.

Also:  Spinach in the center box, foreground. Center box background is parsley, chives, and more romaine. Right box is brussels sprouts (L) and bok choy (R).

April 30, a closeup of the bok choi. It’s only one plant, though it looks like a few:

bok choy 043013

It’s amazing to me that it’s only one plant. I’m guessing that harvest will start this weekend too.

I’ve been doing some reading, and it sounds like the lettuces will need to be moved into partial shade whenever it starts warming up. That should delay the bolting that the lettuce will do at some point. (Which makes the leaves bitter.)  Good thing they happened to mostly wind up in one of the boxes with casters.

This weekend is the Seattle Tilth vegetable, herb, and flower sale. That’ll be a long day.

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