The First EarthBox Planting Of 2013

by A.J. Coltrane

The first planting of the year. According to the Sky Nursery gardening calendar all of these should work out.

The left side of the photo is the “front” of the “garden”.

earthbox 042013

From left to right:

Left Box:  Bibb Lettuce (left), Romaine Lettuce (right)

Center Box:  (left row, back to front) Parsley, Scallions, two Spinach. (right row) two Romaine, two Spinach

Right Box:  (left) Brussels Sprouts, (right) Bok Choi

Shortly after these were planted it rained. Everything perked up.

The old memory card on the camera finally filled up. So I needed to check the new memory card:

boy 042013


girl 042013

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