I’m Sailing Away…

By Iron Chef Leftovers

full-sail-pale-ale2I happened to catch this in passing:

PALE ALE SAILS AWAY: Full Sail Brewing has discontinued its mainstay pale ale, Scoop has learned. The Hood River-based brewery needed to free up brewing capacity for seasonal beers, and found its pale was going stale. “We’re in the business of freshness and looking at trends,” says head brewmaster Jamie Emmerson. “It’s not that the pale had volume problems, but it was the softest of our regular beers. Other people just keep those around forever. But, for us, focus matters. It’s not like we don’t have other recipes lying around.” Most of the six-packs are gone, with the final kegs soon to run out. Instead, look for six-packs of previously pub-only Full Sail brews like Nut Brown Ale and Wassail.

While I am sad to see what I consider an iconic beer go (it was the first type of Full Sail I ever tasted), it is a style with a ton of competition, so replacing it with their seasonal stuff makes much more sense. Besides, as Oregon pale ales go, my preference is Deschutes over Full Sail anyway.

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