Another Six Minute Pizza

by A.J. Coltrane

I saw this idea on Serious Eats. I’d imagine it’s not an original thought.

The heart-shaped meat is sopressata.


I’m not sure what happened to the one in the lower left hand area. They must have shifted around in the oven a bit.

2 thoughts on “Another Six Minute Pizza

  1. I cut it myself. It didn’t take too long. I had a small diameter pepperoni or a larger diameter sopressata. I went with the larger diameter to save sanity.

    The meat scraps, as well as about 3-4 tablespoons of onion were sweated and used as a base for a store-bought pasta sauce, which was reduced to make it less “soupy”.

    The Serious Eats (and Smitten Kitchen brownies) use a heart-shaped cutter, which would make the work go quicker… but when would I use the cutter again?

    For future reference: Overnight rise in the refrigerator. 6 minutes at 550F on a perforated peel on the 2nd-to-top rack of the oven. Rim got good poofiness. Good color again, the dough had a small amount of honey added, which likely helped.


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