A Pizza And A Pizza(?)

by A.J. Coltrane

Two “pizzas” using the same basic recipe. Both received a 20-minute autolyse prior to combining all of the ingredients. (In other words, I mixed together only the flour and water and let that rest for 20 minutes before continuing with the process.)

This one was hand stretched then baked on a perforated pizza pan. During the stretching I intentionally left some “lip” around the edge. The center got quite thin.

Red sauce, sausage, and sopressata.
With mozz.


The “pizza” pictured below was evenly spread in a lightly oiled pan and allowed a 45-minute rise. Even though I made a point to dimple the middle of the dough it still had a focaccia feel to it — the center of the dough rose quite a bit.

Mushrooms, a fair amount of olive oil, and (I think) a bit of very thinly sliced onion. Fresh basil and parm went on late so that they’d just heat through.

Again, it’s basically the same “recipe”, handled somewhat differently but producing two very different results. This stuff fascinates me.

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