2019 Container Garden Recap

It never really got hot in 2019. The garden responded by not providing much.

By Year:

Year Yield, Pounds
2013 228.0
2014 269.4
2015 282.5
2016 194.3
2017 238.6
2018 195.5
2019 134.1
Average 220.4

The totals above are for 11 containers, so 20-25 pounds of produce per box is pretty normal. (“Normal” is around 30 pounds of tomatoes per box, 10 pounds of peppers, and 25 pounds of tomatillos.)

We don’t count the basil, which is good because this is the first year that it failed. As a guess it was either nematodes or something else in the soil, but the cool summer didn’t do it any favors either.

The Totals:

(Plant list here.)

Marketmore 76 Cucumber (1 box, 4 plants):  17.8 pounds

Carmen Pepper (2 boxes, 12 plants):  14.1 pounds

Jimmy Nardello Pepper (1/2 box, 3 plants):  1.0 pounds

Anaheim Pepper (1/2 box, 3 plants):  1.1 pounds

Tomatillo (1 box, 2 plants):  8.2 pounds

Sun Gold Tomato (1/2 box, 1 plant):  9.7 pounds

Old German Tomato (1/2 box, 1 plant):  0.5 pounds

Oregon Cherry Tomato (1/2 box, 1 plant):  6.9 pounds

Taxi Tomato (1/2 box, 1 plant):  23.0 pounds

Black Krim Tomato (1 box, 2 plants):  13.8 pounds

Oregon Spring Tomato (1 box, 2 plants):  18.4 pounds

Roma Tomato (1 box, 2 plants):  13.4 pounds

Tromboncino Zucchini (1 box, 2 plants):  6.0 pounds


The yield was low but the few fruits on the tomatoes were larger than usual. Just a very strange year all around.

On the bright side, the Fortex beans did great. Two boxes on one trellis produced way more than we could consume as the summer went along, so quite a bit wound up in the freezer. One of the bean boxes might be better served housing garlic or another allium.

Maybe next year we’ll grow cucumbers, determinate tomatoes like Oregon Spring and Roma, and the indeterminate Black Krim tomatoes. And lots of onions and garlic.


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