Epi de Blé, Take One

by A.J. Coltrane

1st attempt at Epi de Blé (sheaf of wheat):


The finished result is a long way from the “flower of wheat” idealized form. (Search “epi bread” for examples.)

The recipe is basically a standard baguette dough that is cut with scissors. I used 300 grams of flour for the dough. That was too much. As a guess, 200 grams would have made a thinner, more “graceful” epi.

Recommended temperatures run between 400F and 450F. I went with 425F for 20 minutes, which seemed to work out ok.

The Verdict:  It’s a nice pull-apart bread for dinner or a crowd. The shape creates a high ratio of crust, so there are more crunchy bits to go around. It’s easy, attractive, and festive. I’ll be making this again soon, and probably a bunch of times through the holidays.

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