Recommended Game – Deck Heroes: Legacy

by A.J. Coltrane

Deck Heroes: Legacy  – An android-based free-to-play collectible “battle” card game.

Basically, you collect creature and hero cards, assemble a mini-deck of 7-10 creatures and one hero, then battle computer-run decks. When in combat the object is to either eliminate all of the opposing creatures, or reduce the opposing hero to zero hit points. There’s a campaign with around 100 nodes to clear. After that their idea is that you’re hooked enough to spend money in the pay-to-win endgame.

The creature and hero cards fall into one of four factions — human, faen (elf), mortii (undead), and neander (beast). Heroes are functionally “generals” — they don’t directly fight, but they can buff your creatures, or damage or impede the opposing creatures.  Cards from the same faction tend to have synergies, such as “all cards of this type get +100 damage”. The cards can be upgraded (leveled), and can be augmented with collectible runes.

A couple of minuses:

Deck Heroes can be played as free-to-play, though the progress gets pretty slow after a while.

The art can be sexist, with ridiculous boobs everywhere. Here’s one of the tamer cards:

flame brave

Flame Brave is a caster. The pictured card is level 0, with 238 attack and 849 health. A level 10 version of that card would have 428 attack and 1399 health.

All of the cards gain more and better abilities as they level up. Her level 0 version also deals 150-250 damage to one random enemy creature. At level 5 she gains the “deal 210-350 damage to all enemy creatures”. Then at level 10 she gets “inflicts ‘flaming’ on all enemy creatures, causing them to lose 120 HP after their action.”

Overall Deck Heroes has some decent depth and strategy for an Android title.

Recommended game if you can put up with the artwork.


2 thoughts on “Recommended Game – Deck Heroes: Legacy

  1. I think part of it is how brazen they are about it. “Ridiculous Boobs” aren’t very uncommon in high-fantasy themed games, but they really are shoved in your face in this game.

    They can’t be ignored, and they’re not for everyone, so I figured it was relevant.

    I just looked up “brazen” to make sure I meant what I thought I meant: “Bold and without shame.” I’d say that pretty well fits it.


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