Vegas, Day 3.

by A.J. Coltrane

Day 3 was Saturday. For the afternoon, a member of our group decided to rent a cabana upstairs by the pool. No kids allowed anywhere near us. We had our own TV in the cabana and an iced bucket of beers. The party drifted in and out, with some of us taking advantage of the water on an 80-degree day.

Realistically, renting a cabana was loosely as expensive as gambling and tipping for comped drinks.

I went 6-2, bringing my total for the trip to 19-20. By and large things went as expected. Villanova lost to NC State, which surprised me. I also took Kentucky to cover -16.5 against Cincinnati, but they only won by 13. (In their previous game Kentucky had crushed West Virginia, winning 78 to 39. To think they’d have a similar result with Cincinnati seemed reasonable.)

It was good to finally come out way ahead.

One day to go…

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