The Best And Worst In Board Games

by A.J. Coltrane

Links to three articles about board games at, all of them based around BoardGameGeek ratings:


“Designing The Best Board Game On The Planet”


“Stop Playing Monopoly With Your Kids (And Play These Games Instead)”


“The Worst Board Games Ever Invented”


To quote Sid Meier — I’m of the opinion that  “A [good] game is a series of interesting choices.” Overall the voters on BoardGameGeek tend to agree, and will rank games based around that type of idea. I like to check the BoardGameGeek rating when we’re considering purchasing a game. If the rating is below 7.00 we’ll be hesitant about buying it — a 7.00 rating represents the #275th ranked game on the site.

And we don’t have room in the house for 275 games anyway.

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