GNOIF: Monsters, Murder, And Mayhem — The Recap

by A.J. Coltrane

GNOIF # 14 recap — Monsters, Murder, And Mayhem (Death and Destruction themes.)

Games That Got Played — Bang!, Dead Fellas, The Doom That Came To Atlantic City, Zombie Fluxx, Get Dr. Lucky, King of Tokyo, Last Night On Earth, Mr. Jack N.Y., Mystery of the Abbey, Poo!

Games That Didn’t Get Played — Betrayal At The House On The Hill, Dead Money, Dracula, Guillotine, Mr. Jack (Pocket), Zombie Munchkin, Small World, Vampire Hunter, Zombies!!!

We played more different games than usual — 10 last night. The average is around seven. That’s partly because people were earlier arriving overall, partly because the crowd split off into smaller groups, and also because no one game dominated a big group for a big chunk of the evening. The largest games were Bang! and Fluxx, which are both games that move briskly and end quickly.

I love Last Night On Earth. We played the Die! Zombies Die! scenario. The object is to kill 15 zombies before sundown (15 turns), and unfortunately for the Heroes:

1.  The Zombie Lord knew what he was doing.

2.  The Heroes were betrayed by a lack of reliable weapons. At one point we had three Revolvers, all of which were discarded due to lack of ammo after the first (missed) shot. We had two sticks of dynamite, but no “fire”..

Despite all that, Johnny the Jock almost managed to bail the Heroes out, going on a rampage with the Chainsaw as darkness approached. He succumbed to the fever after cutting a wide swath through the undead. The Father had already martyred himself to stop the worst of the Zombie Lord’s machinations. The Zombies were victorious with time to spare, though the ending was exciting, and Johnny died an epic death.

We’ll get ’em next time. Thanks for playing all!

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