3 thoughts on “Oh, Cey, Can You See?

  1. One year Senator Strom Thurmond (R-SC), en route to the Far East on a “fact finding mission,” stopped in Seattle and took in some of the sights. Down on the waterfront, he stopped in at Ivar’s and ordered some of their (in)famous clam chowder.

    As the senator sat and was preparing to taste some of Ivar’s best, a local reporter covering the senator’s doings nudged his colleague and remarked:

    It’s the clam before the Strom.



  2. That’s funny, I remember Cey as a Cub (1983-1986). WGN was ubiquitous where I lived.

    For those casual baseball fans — Ron Cey’s nickname was “The Penguin”.

    And yeah, that would have made the strip funnier for some of us.


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