Beer of the Week: Maritime Pacific Lady Jane Bitter

By Iron Chef Leftovers

maritime_logoWith all of the love that I give to the Ballard breweries, there is one that up until this point (200+ beer reviews) that has never appeared in this space, which is disappointing, because they are a) on of the oldest breweries in Seattle and b) a place that the Mrs. and I go to on somewhat on a regular basis, albeit for food not necessarily the beer. Maritime Pacific has a great tap room/restaurant and I highly recommend them for their excellent and inexpensive pub fare and their solid but unspectacular beers. They have a pretty consistent tap lineup and brew pretty much to style, so you won’t find a bunch of super hoppy imperial IPA’s or weird adjuncts in their beer, just solid, straight forward, refreshing suds. I started off a tasting tray with the Lady Jane Bitter.
The beer pours medium tan in color with an off-white head. Notes of grain and caramel dominate the nose with just a hint of hops hiding in the background. The beer starts off on the palate slightly sweet with a nice amount of grain before moving into light caramel and toasted malt flavor with notes of caraway and rye. The beer finishes short with a slight bitterness that comes and goes quickly coupled with touches of sweetness and caramel on the finish. Drinks a bit differently than you would expect from a bitter, but it was easy to drink, tasty and smooth.

Maritime Lady Jane Bitter pours a long, cool 3 women in a red dress out of 5.

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