When the Mariners Traded Shin Soo Choo

By Blaidd Drwg

I love Rob Neyer. I think he is a great writer and we share many of the same opinions about the game of baseball. He recently wrote about the Shin Soo Choo for Ben Broussard disaster trade in 2006. One of the really cool things about the article is that he actually talked to Bill Bavasi about it. I was surprised by this comment from the former Mariners GM:

When I got there it was made REAL  clear they didn’t want any five-year plans … and  that I’d get a mulligan in 2004 but, from then on they’d expect  consistent improvement toward a postseason.  When I say “improvement” I  mean relative to our record. So even though we operated under some  pressure to tangibly improve on a regular basis, the  Choo and Cabrera trades were a product of my own stupidity and good  work by the Indians.

When was the last time that a GM admitted that a bad trade was his fault? I give Bavasi credit for laying the blame exactly where it is due. Now if Z would only realize the same thing about the moves he has made…

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