The Stupidity of the Pro Bowl

By Blaidd Drwg

The Pro Bowl is an idiotic game that vaguely resembles football that no one actually cares about – the players, the coaches, the fans, no one. So many players back out of the game that it is usually a bunch of marginally good players playing what amounts to pick up football.

For some reason, the NFL wants to try to make the annual Hawaii vacation game relevant again so they have tried a number of things. Move it to the same city as the Super Bowl – fail (they tried it one year in Miami). Move it before the Super Bowl (instead of after it) – fail. The latest gimmick is to eliminate the conferences and have 2 team captains – Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice, pick the teams. What just looked like schoolyard football now really is just a schoolyard football game.

To make the stupid game even more of a joke, Deion Sanders tweeted this on Monday:

Ladies and Gentlemen I am officially announcing “I WILL SUIT UP IN HAWAII” Please let @JerryRice know that a real captain leads by example!

The game moves to a complete joke if the NFL lets a guy who has not worn a uniform in almost 10 years even set foot on the field during the game. Either way, I won’t be watching it.

2 thoughts on “The Stupidity of the Pro Bowl

  1. I won’t bother looking for the link, but Deion tweeted Jerry Rice, so Rice said that he’d suit up too, then the NFL put the kibosh on the whole thing.

    All of the All-Star games are a complete waste of time in my opinion, but especially the NFL game.

    I wouldn’t even consider playing in the NFL game if I was those guys. Too high a chance for weirdo career-altering injuries.


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