Bull Durham, The Musical

by A.J. Coltrane

Here at CSE we love Bull Durham enough that we have multiple pets named for characters in the movie.

The next (and first) CSE road trip to New York will need to include Bull Durham, The Musical:

From MiLB.com:

…Bull Durham, the iconic 1988 comedy from Minor Leaguer-turned-Hollywood director Ron Shelton, is being made into a musical. The production, adapted for the stage by Shelton, is set to premiere at Atlanta’s Alliance Theatre in September 2014 in advance of a Broadway run.

The link includes an interview with Ron Shelton.

Next on the road trip docket — Harry Potter On Ice!

Actually, no. I’m not travelling to New York to see that when it happens.

2 thoughts on “Bull Durham, The Musical

  1. I was really hoping this was a joke. There are bad ideas, terrible ideas and this one which is quite possibly the worst idea since Spider Man the Musical.


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