Hyperbole Much?

By Iron Chef Leftovers

There was recently a bad, but very humorous review of Tao Downtown, which list located in NYC, on Bloomberg.com. The reviewer does not like the place at all, and has some wonderfully colorful descriptions of what he did not like. My favorite:

“Looks like a graveyard,” my friend remarked, when the “snapper in the sand” appeared, a preparation wherein patrons hunt for chunks of crispy fish buried in a tomb of garlic crumbs. The flavor is akin to that of overcooked McDonald’s chicken nuggets. The cost is $42.

In case you are unaware, Tao is part of a series of very high grossing restaurants in NY and Las Vegas.

He really didn’t like much of anything about the place, including the atmosphere:

So kudos to the owners, the people behind Lavo and Arlington Club, for turning the Siddhartha, one of history’s great proponents of self-deprivation, into Paris Hilton.

Imagine what these guys could do with a Kosher joint? Until then, I’m happy to say Tao is one of New York’s most important new restaurants. Not for the food, rather for finding taxis.

If you have ever spent any time in NYC, you understand how nice it is to be able to find a taxi here.

I am hoping that this gets the kitten treatment from eater.com. You probably remember the last time they did this for Guy Fieri’s shithole place in NYC:








I wrote this on Thursday morning. I go onto Eater.com in the afternoon and what do I see? Kittens!

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