Beer of the Week: Snoqualmie Brewing Louis Quatorze 14th Anniversary Stout

By Iron Chef Leftovers

unt0itledI have become a big fan of Russian Imperial Stout over the years, so I was excited when loyal reader Annie S. was willing to share a bottle of Snoqualmie’s 14th Anniversary beer – Louis Quatorze, which she had been aging for about a year. The beer came in a 22oz. bottle and clocked in at 8.6% ABV and 60 ibu.

The beer pours jet black with a tan head as expected. Coffee and chocolate dominate the nose with hints of toffee and what smells like either oak or vanilla, but it does not appear that there was any oak aging on this beer, so it is probably coming from the malt. The initial sip has loads of malt and chocolate character up front with a slight astringency (licorice maybe?) before mellowing out to a roasted malt middle and then finishing with an oddly aggressive finish reminiscent of juniper with a bit of alcohol bite. The initial taste is wonderful, the smell is wonderful, but the finish isn’t the most pleasant I have ever had and is somewhat off-putting. The beer lacks the balance of many Imperial Stouts, and I would love this beer more if the finish was less aggressive and more subdued.  Maybe this beer could have used another year of aging to round out the finish.

Snoqualmie Brewing’s Louis Quatorze 14th Anniversary Stout rises to power with 3 sun kings out of 5.

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