Beer of the Week: Populuxe Brown Porter

By Iron Chef Leftovers

imagesCAAR87MMA few months ago, I managed to review the 3 fruit porters from Populuxe and just realized that I never actually posted the review for the base Brown Porter. In an attempt to correct that, here is that review.

The beer pours almost jet black in color. Notes of chocolate, coffee and roasted malt appear on the nose in such a way that it almost reminds me of a cappuccino. The initial sip yields some surprising yeast character before moving to the heavier flavors – notes of chocolate and lightly roasted malt dominate before yielding their position to a slightly sweet, long and pleasant coffee finish that is not terribly overpowering or bitter. As the beer warms, a light of hop character becomes noticeable – slightly floral and slightly bitter but well-balanced in the beer.

The Populuxe Brown Porter is not currently available on tap at the brewery, but it will hopefully be back soon as the season turns from summer to fall.

The Populuxe Brown Porter carries your bags in spectacularly with 4 bellhops out of 5.

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