2013 NFL MVP Odds

by A.J. Coltrane

2013 NFL MVP Odds at ESPN.

Rank Candidate Odds
1 Peyton Manning 5-1
2 Aaron Rodgers 13-2
3 Colin Kaepernick 10-1
3 Drew Brees 10-1
5 Adrian Peterson 12-1
5 Tom Brady 12-1
7 Matt Ryan 15-1
8 Robert Griffin III 18-1
8 Russell Wilson 18-1
10 Andrew Luck 25-1
10 Calvin Johnson 25-1
10 Eli Manning 25-1
Source: @BovadaLV


I think the best value is Matt Ryan. Atlanta has two outstanding wide receivers and they’re going to have to throw to win. It’s an interesting look at who’s considered “hot” right now.

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