The Stenographer, or, How To M’s Learned To Love The Long Ball

by A.J. Coltrane

Last night I was lying in bed thinking — what’s the most unlikely movie title?

Answer:  The Stenographer.

Nobody would want to watch that. That is, unless the heroine had huge bazingas.

You know what else is unlikely? The Mariners are 2nd in the majors in home runs. Raul Ibanez is approaching the single-season record for home runs by a player over 40. (He’s hit 24. Ted Williams holds the record with 29.)

The Mariners have won seven in a row and now sit five games under .500 at 47-52.

Will it continue? Probably not. It’s fun though, right?


The complete IMDB list of movies with “Stenographer” in the title:

Public StenographerPublic Stenographer (1934)
The Stenographer’s Friend; Or, What Was Accomplished by an Edison Business Phonograph (1910) (Short)
The Stenographer (1914) (Short)
Mr. Jack Hires a Stenographer (1916) (Short)
The New Stenographer (1911) (Short)
The Substitute Stenographer (1913) (Short)
Stenographer Wanted (1912) (Short)
Mutt and Jeff and the Lady Stenographer (1911) (Short)
Stenographer Troubles (1913) (Short)
Oh! You Stenographer (1911) (Short)
His New Stenographer (1928) (Short)
The New Stenographer (1914) (Short)
Stenographers Wanted (1912) (Short)
The Colored Stenographer (1909) (Short)
The New Stenographer (1908) (Short)
Dad’s Stenographer (1913) (Short)
The Ranch Stenographer (1913) (Short)
The Good Stenographer (1916) (Short)
The Stenographer’s Strategy (1916) (Short) 

Notice that they’re all “Shorts”, except for the 1934 blockbuster “Public Stenograher”.

IMDB synopsis:  “A stenographer who works at a large hotel finds herself caught in the middle of a major swindle.”

Fan synopsis:  “The wisecracking and attractive public stenographer Ann McNair spends most of her time continuing to fend off the greedy hands of her employer. On her way to get a new job Ann has a car breakdown on a desolate stretched road. Ann is eventually aided by the handsome James “Jimmy” Martin Jr., who initially courteous acts like all other men in her life. Eventually Jim is in love with Ann. So it seems that Ann at long last drops her hard-boiled veneer, towards Jimmy in particular. Written by Robert”


 Hotels employed stenographers?

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