Feast Portland

By Iron Chef Leftovers

Food festivals can be great or terrible, depending on how they are handled. Portland has one that does it right – Feast Portland. It runs this year from September 19 – 22nd and gets pricey since all of the events are ticketed, but check out the chef lineup here, then tell me if it isn’t worth it. Those names are some of the biggest in the US and it made me realize that Portland may have once again passed Seattle as the dominant culinary power in the Northwest.

3 thoughts on “Feast Portland

  1. The already have better beer. Plus the Pinot Noir fan in me thinks some better wines. Plus no sales tax, oh my.


  2. Washington definitly has better beer and the only reason Oregon has better Pinot is that Wasthington is too far north – they really can’t grow anything other than Pinot in Oregon. I can’t argue with the sales tax thing though.


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