AFK Tavern

by A.J. Coltrane

It was time for some food and beverages in Everett. Many options were considered. Then Annie S. found this place using her phone.


Yes, a gaming tavern!

A place gamers and geeks feel at home? AFK Tavern is that place.


Video games, RPGs, card games, board games, and miniatures, every gamer can play at AFK Tavern.

Our signature gamer themed cocktails will tickle your funny bone while tantalizing your taste buds. The local produce and free range beef on our menu will keep you fortified for any occasion. See if you’re up to the challenge rating of our Dragon Burger, or savor our soups we make fresh daily.

AFK Tavern was made by gamers and geeks for gamers and geeks to game and geek out. Come out and show your colors at our events like Pirate Night, costume contests, release day parties and tournaments of every variety.

Get your game on at AFK Tavern.

The food was solid. The beer selection was good. The service was pleasant. The menu itself featured silly titles for the food, and had “powerup” themed add-ons available. It’s all very tongue-in-cheek, in a good way.

We’re told they have a room full of board games that you can check out. They also have multiple video game systems that you can play on, provided you get some grub.

Recent events at the Tavern have included a Star Wars night, Cthulu night, and a Zelda night.

We’ll be back.

Definitely recommended.

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