The Mariners and the Merry Month of May

By Blaidd Drwg

This may be the worst scheduling job in the history of sports. Take a look at the Mariners schedule for the past few weeks:

April 29th – May 1st – at home
….fine so far

May 2nd – off day
May 3rd – May 5th – at Toronto
…ok an East Coast swing

May 6th – off day
May 7th – May 8th – at Pittsburgh
…the off day after a 3 game set is odd, and I hate the 2 game series, but what can you do.

May 9th – off day
…oh look, another off day. 3 off days in one week. Remember this for later.

May 10th – May 12th – at home
…really, a 5 game East Coast road trip? WTF.

May 13th – off day
…another $#@#^@ off day!!!????

May 14th – May 16th – at New York
…another $%&#^@$*(&@#@ East Coast trip?????? How drunk were the schedule makers when they did this.

May 17th – May 20th – at Cleveland
…yeay, a 4 game set against the Indians, with 3 day games.

May 21st – May 22nd – at Los Angeles
…really? No off day, fly to LA and play 2 games.

May 23rd – off day
…you put the $@%&&@$ off day in the wrong spot you $@&$@#^ idiots.

May 24th – May 28th – back home.

The M’s enter a stretch where they play on 20 consecutive days starting on May 24th. Granted 15 of those are home games, but still, it feels like the schedule makers were on something when they came up with this. I give up. I know that there are a lot of moving parts in schedule making, but that is just crazy.

One thought on “The Mariners and the Merry Month of May

  1. The May 9 off day in the middle of the East Coast trip… what the hell are they supposed to do with that time besides chase women or something…


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