GNOIF Suggests That Coconuts Migrate — The Recap

by A.J. Coltrane

GNOIF #7 Recap  —  GNOIF Suggests That Coconuts Migrate  (Medieval/Castle Theme)

Games That Got Played:  Cards Against Humanity, Citadels, Gardens of Alhambra, Guillotine, Magic the Gathering, Mystery of the Abbey

Games That Didn’t Get Played:  Agricola, Fjords, Fluxx (Python), Hector and Achilles, King of the Elves, Munchkin, San Juan, Settlers of Catan

I don’t know if it was the variety of caffeine-spiked beverages we were consuming, or what, but the gaming didn’t wrap up until about five in the morning(!) The record turnout could have contributed to that too — almost double that of any other GNOIF. We may need to purchase another card table, or a low table to put near the couch. Maybe something like this, though it’s only 27 inches square. It might work for a small game.

We started the evening with a game of Alhambra. It’s a good warmup game because it’s fairly simple and goes fairly quick. Four of us (2.5 new players) learned the rules and completed a game in about 35-40 minutes. Thanks to JH for correcting us on the scoring rule that we had been doing wrong since we’d bought the game. I had thought the game was unbalanced to the point of broken. It’s a dramatically better balanced game when played the right way.

I played a few games of Citadels. We started the evening playing with seven players, and the game “worked” with that many people. Later in the evening we played with four players, and it works that way too. Learning the game I’d played with two players and I enjoyed it that way as well. Point is, the game seems to scale to more players really well, and even with seven players it didn’t take an hour. (Though we only played to 6 districts all night in the interest of keeping the games breezy and fast. The games didn’t really seem to suffer for it.)

While I was playing Citadels, there was an epic game of Mystery of the Abbey. I could swear that they had 11 players, though the box says 3-6 players, and there are only 6 “Monk” miniatures. Maybe somebody who played could comment on how they swung that?

Cards Against Humanity was a hit again. The game seems to benefit from being played late — after the aggregate beverage consumption has passed a certain critical threshold.

The game that seemed to get the most portmortem was Guillotine, with it’s abundant coulda-shoulda-woulda events.

Thanks to everyone for playing! (And yeah, in retrospect the better name was “GNOIF Of The Round Table”. Oh well.)


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