Why Wasn’t I Invited?

By Iron Chef Leftovers

I saw this and I was really pissed that I had not heard about it. Joe Beef (the #1 restaurant I want to go to on the planet) teaming up with L’Abattoir (My pick for the #1 restaurant in Vancouver) for a 12 course, $145 dinner in Vancouver. I would have booked my hotel the day it was announced and driven up to Vancouver for it. Heck, I did once drive up to Vancouver for a cooking demonstration.

I then found out the event was only open to holder of the Visa Infinity card, which seems to only be available in Canada and to Canadians. They have a dining series like this and I did actually see if I could get on the invite list, but alas, you have to have the card and you need to have an address in Canada to get one.

The meal looks amazing and I would have killed someone to be part of it. I think it was a bargain at $145 for 12 courses, with wine, gratuity and a copy of the Joe Beef cookbook included. Based on the account it was an overindulgent, rich meal, which is exactly what I would have expected from those 2 restaurants. I guess that I will just have to settle for drooling over my computer screen and going back up to L’Abattoir next time we are up in Vancouver (you should really go if you have not been) and trying to go to Joe Beef the next time I am in Montreal, whenever that might be.

Check out the pictures of this meal and tell me you wouldn’t have wanted to be part of it.

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