MW3 Camping And Leveling – Final Class Build

by A.J. Coltrane

I know that Modern Warfare 3 has been out quite a while, and there a ton of guides like this, but I think there’s a place for one oriented to camping, and if you choose to run around it’ll work too, only the leveling will go faster. At this point some of the guides are looking pretty dated anyway after the weapon patches (or just flat wrong in the first places in some cases.)

Why the table below looks like it does:

This is all predicated on playing Domination — flag caps count as an extra “kill” (they advance your Strike package one “notch”), and they’re worth 100 points, whereas killing a player is worth 50. (And helicopters are worth 200(!), more on that later.) If you absolutely can’t hit anything there’s always the flags for points. I want to be invisible on the mini map and invisible to air support. There’s no faster way to die than to show up as a red dot on the minimap, and having superior tactical knowledge of the battlefield is a huge advantage when it comes to staying alive.

Up to Level 20:

Custom classes become available at level 4, but I’ll often choose to run Overwatch (which has Blind Eye) as a default class until level 11, because that’s when Blind Eye becomes an option, and I hate hate hate getting stomped by air support. The Overwatch build also features the very usuable MK46 LMG. All of the LMGs are great for shooting down helicopters. At low levels enemy helicopters and UAVs are relatively super valuable when it comes to scoring points to level up. Don’t bother with any other flying things though, they’re too hard to shoot down — you’ll use too much ammo and most times die trying. Destroying helicopters also advances your “kills” for the Strike packages, which leads us to:

The build below uses the Support strike package until level 20. UAV and Ballistic Vests are cheap, and the object is to hop on as many flags as possible, which when combined with the “air kills” and “player kills” allows you to spam the UAV and Ballistic Vests. At level 15 Hardline becomes available, making each reward cost one less “kill” and speeding the leveling process even more.

Level 20-26:

At level 20 I go to the Specialist package. Combined with Hardline, this makes the first *anything* you kill/capture worth an extra 100 points. It basically doubles your leveling speed!

Level 27-38:

Assassin! I’ll say it again! Assassin! The most powerful ability in the game! (Which, for whatever reason, only maybe 1-2 players out of 6 actually use, making Portable Radar the best Tactical item in the game… more on that later.) Assassin gets even better after you get a few kills with it and unlock the “Pro” variation — at that point enemy Counter UAV/EMP no longer fuzz out your minimap(!) But wait, there’s more! The Pro version removes the red gamertag from above your head… meaning that shadows are almost as good as actual concealment or cover in a lot of situations. Just make a point to be in the shadows when available, you’ll be amazed at how many guys don’t see you. Additionally, people are expecting to look for the red gamertag as “enemy”, often they’ll think you’re a friendly just out of reflex.

The other big change at level 27 is that I will  run Hardline for bonus points on the flag cap at the start of the game. It’s basically 100 free xp. After that I’ll change to a build that starts has Assassin in the Perk 2 slot. (See the table below.) It’s a little bit of a hassle, and you need to make sure to remember to change after your first death, but it really does speed things up.

Level 39:

At level 39 I add Scavenger. Otherwise it’s the same as the level 27 build.

A note on the Perks:

I *always* run Blind Eye, Assassin, and Stalker. Stalker allows you to move faster while aiming down sight (ADS). Two huge advantages to this are that you can ADS and slide around corners faster, and that during gunfights you can strafe left and right. I often strafe during gunfights — if my aim is off a little to one side I’ll strafe (rather than turn) to bring my sights back onto the target. This also has the added advantage of making me harder to hit.

The Hardline in the “6 kill” slot means that I get the “All Perks” bonus at 7 kills. The All Perks bonus gives you almost gun upgrade, and every Perk except Overkill(!)

Really, everything else is a matter of taste. I’ve been digging Blast Shield lately, if only for the stun/flashbang resistance that the Pro version provides. Marksman is useful, especially if you don’t know the maps well, since it reveals red gamertags (unless the opponent has Assassin.) I’ve recently started using Sitrep, because it makes any enemy grenades/gear glow red — it’s saved me more than once from Martyrdom and other random grenades rolling around. As an added bonus it lets me know which enemy crates are safe to open and which are traps — I get some bonus Killstreak rewards that way *and* I get to steal them from the enemy! Fun!

Level Perk 1 Perk 2 Perk 3 Strike Package 1 Strike Package 2 Strike Package 3
4 Sleight of Hand Quick Draw Stalker UAV Ballistic Vest  
11 Blind Eye Quick Draw Stalker UAV Ballistic Vest  
15 Blind Eye Hardline Stalker UAV Ballistic Vest  
20 Blind Eye Hardline Stalker Blast Shield Quick Draw Marksman
27 (Start) Blind Eye Hardline Stalker Assassin Blast Shield Quick Draw
27 (Stealth) Blind Eye Assassin Stalker Blast Shield Quick Draw Hardline
39 (Start) Blind Eye Hardline Stalker Assassin Scavenger Marksman or QD
39 (Stealth) Blind Eye Assassin Stalker Scavenger Marksman or QD Hardline

The Secondary gear:

For the Lethal Slot I prefer the Bouncing Betty (unlocked at level 37). If I’m camping the Betty will (mostly) cover one angle. At the very least I usually can hear the distinctive “fling”, alerting me to the presence of an enemy. If I’m moving it’s fun leave behind in random, high traffic corners, just to make the rushers “think”. I know they hate getting killed at random running around a corner. (And they’re not rushing because they want to “think”.)

For the Tactical Slot I use the Portable Radar (unlocked at level 74.. this is the one essential item I take when Prestiging). Everyone nearby without Assassin is shown on the minimap. Which means they’re “food”, either for you or your teammates. When combined with a Light Machine Gun — the whole enemy team can try to rush a doorway.. Hasta la vista baby!

Shadows, shadows, shadows!
Shadows, shadows, shadows!

The Weapons:

LMGs:  For camping, the L86 is all you ever need, and it’s available at level 4. It’s pretty accurate, and it’s a three bullet kill at any range, even with a silencer equipped. It has bullets for days, go fishing down blind alleys! Just hold down the trigger and let the enemy run into the bullets! With the optional Thermal Scope it becomes a laser of death (try on Bakara, Bootleg, Outpost, or Mission), though you basically give up the minimap to use the Thermal.

The MK46 is very usable too, it fires a little faster and it’s a little sloppier.

I prefer the L86 because I think it fires fast *enough* and with good sightlines it wins against about everything. The only exceptions are really good ACR, MP7, and Sniper users, but I’m going to lose to them anyway… (And don’t stand in the open at extreme distances against snipers…but you shouldn’t ever do that anyway…)

Here’s what I use on the L86, the (RDS) in parentheses are what I’d use on an assault rifle:

Level Proficiency Attachment 1 Attachment 2
2   Red Dot Sight  
4 Kick Red Dot Sight  
5 Kick Silencer  
12 Attachments Silencer Grip (RDS)
27 Attachments Silencer Thermal

Assault Rifles: Either,

M4A1 with Silencer and RDS or Extended Mags. Another level 4 weapon. 3 bullet kill at short range, 5 bullet kill at long range. Moderately accurate and a fairly high fire rate make it good at closer ranges and fringy at longer ranges. It’s a good brawler with the Extended Mags attachment.

G36 with Silencer and RDS. Recoil goes straight up. It’s a 3 bullet kill at short range and 4 at long range. Similar damage to the M4A1.

ACR with Silencer and either Kick or RDS. 3 bullets short range, 4 bullets long range. The most accurate of the ARs, especially with Kick. Slightly lower damage, and I don’t love it if the enemy is in a brawling mood — it loses to too much stuff at medium-short range. It’s great for headshots on an enemy that’s dug in, and all of the bullets go wherever you ask them to, so it’s a great gun to use to improve accuracy.

A lot of people love the SCAR. I’m not one of them. The 5 bullet long range kill means that it sort of futzes out at longer ranges. Try it though, some people swear by it.

The semi-autos:

The MK14 is a fun hybrid sniper/AR. One shot per trigger pull. Use with Silencer and RDS or Thermal

The Type 95 is great at short-medium range. 3 bullets per trigger pull, and it’s *extremely* accurate. Sucks at long range with a Silencer.


MP7 is my other preferred gun (with the L86). Use Silencer with Extended Mags. Highly accurate, good rate of fire, and it allows me to use mobility to my advantage. Ambush predator!

At lot of people like the PP90 (grease gun). It’s too sloppy for my tastes. You have to get close to use it, and when everybody’s toe to toe it comes down to who has the better reflexes and the better connection. In other words, there’s some luck involved. Pass, though it’s fun.

Other Weapons (I’m not an expert on these):

Sniper:  Barrett 50 cal.

Shotgun:  Striker, though I’ve been hearing good things about the USAS post-patch.

Launchers: I never use them. I feel like I can take out any air support with Blind Eye Pro. That, and a lot of times when I’d hide I would see my rocket launcher sticking out on the enemy killcam. Screw that. The XM25 is a noob tube that’s fun sometimes, and it’s good for leveling Recon Pro.

I use the MP9 silenced as my backup weapon. It’s basically a poor man’s ACR. It can usually get me through until I can scavenge more ammo.

Other tips:

Whatever weapon you choose, try to create game situations that optimize its range. It sounds dumb, but it’s hugely important. I tend to try to make all gunfights happen at about 20-30 yards or so, because that’s where the L86 and MP7 shine. It’s out of range of shotgunners and SMGs, so I rarely lose to those guys. Most of the ARs are a 4 or 5 bullet kill at those ranges, so the L86 just overpowers them, and the MP7 is accurate and fast enough to generally win all but the longest fights as well. If you’re standing in a corner and an enemy could be on top of you instantly then you’re standing in the wrong place. Use the minimap to keep track of where your teammates are, and where they’re dying.

Try to always use cover and shadows. If you’re camped you should only have the tip of your gun sticking out. If you’re running it should be from cover to cover. Players rarely check their corners in MW3, there are some terrific places to hang out in the shadows that most people would never consider looking at as they try to rush on by. I’m fine with shooting them in the back.

No cover and you’re getting shot at? One option is to hit the deck! It makes your weapon more accurate too. With LMGs I’ll often go prone to change ammo if I think I might be spotted. The LMGs in particular really benefit from prone shooting.

If they know where you are — there are times it’s better to jump out at them before they can come to you. No sense letting them dictate how the fight is going to go. Shotgunners hate this, they want to beat everybody into holding still for them. Otherwise though, if you’re in cover, resist the urge to get a better look! That’s now my mantra everytime I lean out to see what’s up and I get shot while doing it. Resist The Urge To Get A Better Look!

For good tips go to Youtube and check out “MW3”,  “Ozerecyt”, or “TMartn”. Note that everything older than the summer of 2012 may be a little dated due to the patches since then. Overall though, they have some great tips and really know how to use the maps to their advantage.

Finally, I run a 7 sensitivity. I found that with a 2 or 3 that the enemy was sprinting past me and I couldn’t turn fast enough while ADS to keep up. I also use Kontrol Freeks, which I think help. Your mileage may vary, but they’re cheap.

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