– What the Hell Happened?

I bet you are wondering what the hell happened to this site. Well, yesterday was not a good day for Iron Chef Leftovers. In both my real job and the blogisphere, I had an issue with a software update causing major issues.

The update we ran on this site basically torched it. We still have all of the content and most of the files, but the recovery process has left the blog without links and comments at the moment as well as a new site design. These are just temporary.

Never fear – in addition to being a mediocre cook, a bad comedian and a lousy blogger, Iron Chef Leftovers is also the webmaster of this site. Well, maybe you should fear?

Until I can get everything back to its original, upright and locked position, enjoy something different. You will still be able to see the newest posts we have, but you won’t be able to comment or search or look at the archives until I get that all restored. Hopefully it will be some time this weekend, depending on how ambitious I decide to be with fixing this.

In the meantime, if you have any comments about our posts, please feel free to leave them on our facebook page.

-Iron Chef Leftovers, Blaidd Drwg and AJ Coltrane


Update – I am quicker than I thought. Links are working again, archives and search work, comments are working. I just have to fix the pictures and the site look and then we should be back to normal. Well, as normal as is possible for this site.

Final Update – Well, we have a site look that looks like the old site, the pictures are back but only from January 2012 forward (that is my fault – I started the restore before I realized the backup was not finished and lost the data in the process) and everything else seems to be working the way it used to be. If anyone finds any issues, post to the comments section.


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