GNOIF: GNOIF And Punishment

by A.J. Coltrane

GNOIF #6 Recap — GNOIF And Punishment (Crime/Corruption Theme.)

Games That Got Played:  Cards Against Humanity, Guillotine, Rocketville

Games That Didn’t Get Played:  Family Business, Gloom, Mr. Jack (travel and full-size) Mystery of the Abbey, Pirate’s Cove, The Worst Card Game Ever, Revolution

The hit of the evening was Cards Against Humanity. Visualize Apples to Apples, only make it R-rated, and make the object to be funny rather than to have similar/evocative meanings. In our case it evolved into “how foul can you be?” As one player said “There are some of these words and phrases that I’m not sure that I want to admit that I know what they mean.”

Full disclosure: I HATE Apples to Apples. Quoting a guy from the boardgamegeek forums:

Apples to Apples isn’t really a game. Even by the standards of party games, it’s not really a game. The problem is that WHAT you do has no bearing on HOW you do, and HOW you do doesn’t matter.

I contend that if neither your actions nor the outcome matters, then you don’t have a game.

I think the reason that Cards Against Humanity worked better is because the object was only to be funny. That, and because we’d all had some beverages, and the game itself is so over the top sometimes. Looking at the boardgamegeek page, we also happened to hit the sweet spot on the recommended number of players (6-8).

Perfect crowd, fresh/new material = lol funny… some people were about falling out of their chairs.

Definitely the most laughing at any GNOIF so far.



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