How to Soften the Blow of a Bad Review

By Iron Chef Leftovers

I have never met Guy Fieri, but I really don’t like the guy who Anthony Bourdain once called “The Poochie of Food Network.” I have never been to any of his restaurants, so I can’t comment on if they are any good, but he recently opened a 500 seat monstrosity in Times Square in NYC. It seems that the place is terrible and has met with many bad reviews, including one recently from the NY Times writer Peter Wells (you can read that here – he actually gave the place 0 stars)., it all its wisdom, took some of the worst criticisms from Wells and in a shout out to Fieri’s feelings and in an attempt to soften the blow, added them to pictures of kittens. There is brilliance in this – I am going to have to remember this the next time I write a negative review on something. I highly recommend reading the review first then going here to see all the pictures, but here are two of my favorites:




3 thoughts on “How to Soften the Blow of a Bad Review

  1. I ran across that review through Chowhound a few days ago. I didn’t post about it because it seemed mean-spirited.

    The kittens, however, are the perfect touch. I think you picked the two “right” photos. (Especially the “were you messing with our heads?”)


  2. I think those 2 pictures had the best cat expression to comment of the group. the top one looks to me like the cat is actually asking a question and the second one has that look of disappointment. The rest were cute cats but not necessarily paired well with the comment.

    I would have just let the entire thing go since it was covered to hell if it wasn’t for the Eater post and the tendency of this blog to post cute cat pictures.


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