Congratulations to Jose Reyes

By Blaidd Drwg

…on committing the 500,000th (or so) error in MLB history. The great guys over at noticed that their tracker was on approach for 500,000 errors this season and Jose Reyes seems to be the lucky soul to be the one to bring the total to that nice, round number.

I say 500,000 or so because, due to the vague nature of some of the statistics, especially in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s, that number may not be entirely accurate. Also, as the blog on baseball-reference states:

One other issue that may affect things is that some errors are overturned at a later date, so even on the night we deign an error the 500,000th it may actually move up or down the last next week when mlb reviews borderline scoring calls.

Either way, let’s celebrate both a milestone error and the tremendous amount of research that has done to make looking up odd stats so much easier for people like us.

One thought on “Congratulations to Jose Reyes

  1. As Bill James would say: When a guy makes an error it means he did something right.

    Though in the case of Jose Reyes I’m not so sure.


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